Traditional English Folk Music

About the band


Brad McEwen:

Vocals, Jack Spira and Peter Cox 10 string Citterns

 A bit about Brad...

Brad is the founder and Artist Director of the Mill Race Folk Society.


Paul Morris:

Vocals, Salterella 2 row Melodeon, Lachenal Concertina, Peter Cox flat-top Mandolin

A bit about Paul...

Paul is also one half of the English Music Hall Duo called County Vaudeville




Brian Sinclair:

Vocals, 1919 Gibson Mandocello, Tenor Banjo, maker unknown Parlor Guitar, and various other unique stringed instruments.

 A bit about Brian...

Brian too has roots in another group called Nonesuch




 Gwen Potter:

Backing vocals, 1910 Gustave Bazine violin, viola, and electric violin, Viola d'Amore.

 A bit about Gwen...

Gwen moved to Kitchener from England in 2009.  Back in England, Gwen played in barn dance bands for many years and for the Guildford-UK based Pilgrim Morris Side.